Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Worth & Haltom City, TX

Whether you’re facing a traffic infraction at the state level or have been arrested for a federal crime, Jack G Duffy Jr. P.C., Attorney At Law, is prepared to litigate your case. During your legal proceedings, Duffy will serve as your advocate and offer you ongoing support. We will fight for you to receive a fair trial, challenge any evidence that is illegally obtained, and make certain that your defense is presented as strongly as possible.

  • Typical cases involve:

    DWI and Other Intoxication Offenses
    Assault and Family Violence
    Theft and Fraud Offenses
    Expunctions and Non-Disclosures

  • Violent Crimes
    Juvenile Offenses
    Controlled Substance Offenses
    (Cocaine, Marijuana)
    Occupational Driver's License

  • Probation Revocation
    Sexual Assault Offenses
    White Collar Crimes
    Traffic Tickets