We hired Jack Duffy for our daughteru2019s name change. He did a great job and we are all happy with the results. Him and his office made the process smooth and did not cost a fortune.


I was arrested in Tarrant CO for DUI, I was given a breath test and a blood test and both were in legal limits. HOWEVER, I was taken to jail for several hours and charged with DUI. Mr. Duffy was able to have the charge reduced to a lesser offense. He was very professional and I had every confidence in his ability and suggestions for my defense.

Mr Jack Duffy is one of the best lawyers in Texas he got deferred probation for my brother aggravate assault and ex felon with fire arm 3yrs he is the best god bless Mr Duffy he's my lawyer for life.


I hired Mr Duffy for a theft case and he was exceptional. He negotiated by case and I was able to accept a plea deal that made everyone happy. He always returned my calls the same day I called him. He was always at court on time. I never had any concerns about him and his ability to represent me. I highly recommend Mr Duffy. You will be pleased with your outcome.

Jack is a great lawyer. He was exceptional when it came to getting the cases over with swiftly and with satisfaction. He even took over another case I had to avoid me going to jail when the lawyer i had for it failed to show up to make sure i was not arrested. I would strongly consider hiring him for your case if needed.


After receiving no less than 125 flyers for my DUI, I met with Duffy, who took the time to remain in his office late that Friday night to meet with me.. After speaking honestly and openly with him about my expectations, and understanding that his experience on both sides of the legal system gave him an advantage others did not posses.

Going through the system in Tarrant county over the next few months, I was Always! reassured by Duffy and his caring staff that all will be OK, and things were moving forward as expected. I don't know why or how but I never freaked out and never lost sleep over the next step in this usually painful process. I am extremely pleased with the law firm, Mr Jack Duffy, and especially his personal assistant and Staff. Simple, Affordable, Reassured and able to carry on with my life with plenty of gratitude for this group of people who EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS!


He was quick to remove my charge off my record, easy to get in contact with whenever I had any questions or concerns, and called me immediately if anything ever came up.


Jack Duffy is a phenomenal attorney. He accepted my case when others wouldn't. He was able to get all my bills paid and i walked away with some money. I knew going in that my case would be tough but Mr. Duffy handled it. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome and i would refer him to anyone. If I ever need an attorney in the future I will definitely call Mr. Duffy!!


I hired Mr. Duffy to defend me on a DWI charge. He was able to get my charge reduced to a Class B misdemeanor and keep my record intact. Hiring him was well worth the money and I would strongly recommend him.


We've used Jack Duffy for quite a few tickets (yes, I have a lead foot) and have always been satisfied with the results. Any time I call, everyone is very friendly to talk to on the phone. Thanks so much!


Mr. Duffy took care of my wife's tickets and made process quick and easy. Fast, friendly, and professional service.


Did a great job helping me with a traffic ticket


Attorney Jacky Duffy is very humble, approachable, spoke with me respectfully, and helped me with a speeding ticket. The lady judge seemed to know and respect him when he and I both appeared for me late ticket. I appreciate him and his office. And get his book on JFK!


Great 1 on 1 attention and professionally done. Would recommend mr Duffy bc he backs u up with his word and experience. I would rather know and trust who is defending me. Instead of a big law firm using big names and pawning of clients to lawyers with 2 years or less experience. Mr Duffy has 28 years in. That's all I am saying. Go sit down with him.

Cody C